mumax3 workshop

The DyNaMat group organizes a mumax3 workshop starting on Monday August 31, 2020. This workshop is part of the Online Spintronics Seminar Series organized by the IEEE Magnetic Society. The workshop is free and open for everyone with an interest in micromagnetic simulations. On this page you will find all the practical information and material related to this workshop.

Place and date

The whorkshop will be held online on Zoom and will be broadcasted on Twitch. Instructions on how to subscribe for the workshop will follow soon. The workshop will consist of 4 sessions divided over 3 subsequent Mondays:

Preparing for the workshop

If you have a Windows or Linux PC with a CUDA enabled graphics card of nvidia, try to download the latest version of mumax3, i.e. mumax3.10, from Don't worry if you have trouble running this executable. We will explain in detail how to do this on linux and windows in session 2. If you are already a mumax3 user, we recommend to update to mumax3.10.

If you do not have access to a machine which has a CUDA enabled graphics card, you can still follow the workshop sessions. In case you also want to try out the examples for yourselves, you can run mumax3 in google colaboratory session for free. The only thing you will need to get this working is a gmail account. We prepared a jupyter notebook to get mumax3 up and running in a google colaboratory session: Open In Colab"

Below is a list of suggested reading material for those who want to familiarize themselves with computational micromagnetics:

The instructors

The workshop is created by the researchers of the DyNaMat group at Ghent University.

Dr. Jonathan Leliaert

Dr. Jeroen Mulkers

Prof. Dr. Bartel Van Waeyenberge

Drs. Pieter Gypens

Workshop material

Here you can find the presentation slides of the different workshop sessions, as well as the video recordings of the live presentations on VidGrid.

Below you can find a list of the mumax3 input script examples which are discussed during this workshop, as well as solutions for the homework assignments.

The jupyter notebook on post processing mumax3 output data (used in session 4) can be downloaded here. If you can run mumax3 on your system, then you should be able to run this notebook locally on your machine. It is also possible to run the notebook in a google colaboratory session Open In Colab.

A list of questions which were asked during the workshop can be found here.

The partners

The mumax3 workshop is made possible through partnership with:

We gratefully acknowledge the nvidia corporation for sponsoring the GPU's used in the workshop.